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Benefits of membership

We have many activities through out the year. Apart from the general meetings where people come and show their work, we have demos by seasoned and professional wood turners, wood events, raffles and club socials. We have mentors who can help you with your turning techniques. We have sawdust sessions where you can discuss anything related to wood turning.


Our Active membership is $35/year. Family membership is $45/year.

Note: Before you fill out this form please visit our Safety First page.

Thanks for your interest in SVW!

What happens after you fill out the above form for membership:

After you submit the above form for membership

  1. Within the next several days, the club President, Secretary, or Treasurer will give you a call to talk about how you can pay the club membership dues.

  2. Once you have sent in your dues, you will receive an email inviting you to become a member of This is our communications channel for all members. You will need to create a password to join the group. Only members will have access to the files and information in

Once you have your email/password for you will be able to send emails to that all members will receive.


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