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Mentoring is part of the education we offer to the members of the organization. Our organization has a lot of seasoned wood turners who are passionate about sharing the knowledge they have with fellow wood turners. Each mentor brings in different skill sets in the art and craft of wood turning. When you become a member of the Silicon Valley Wood turners, you are walking into an organization filled with people who are eager to share their knowledge. Regardless of whether you are new to wood turning or a seasoned wood turner there is always something or other that you can learn from the following people. They have agreed to spend their time to answer your questions or give you a helping hand to fix or guide you through the problems you face in turning.

Note: To contact any of the mentors, click/touch on their "Mentor" badge.



If you are willing to be a mentor at Silicon Valley Woodturners please let Ray Hari know. SVW has a good insurance program.

Dennis Lillis

Dennis Lillis

Los Gatos, CA


I am happy to offer whatever help and guidance I can based on my modest skill set in the following areas:

  • Wood processing and storing

  • Tool selection and sharpening

  • Turning technique for a variety of projects

  • Sanding and prep

  • Finishing

  • Hollowing

  • Coring


Jerry Galli

Jerry Galli

Emerald Hills, CA


I have been turning since 2015,  about 5 years. I try to attend workshops with professional woodturners 2  to 3 times a year. Last year (2019) I attended a workshop with Trent  Bosch and Jimmy Clewes. Both were 3-day workshops. I enjoy doing pens  of all kinds, spindle work, natural edge bowls, coring with the Oneway  system, hollow forms with finials, lidded boxes, kitchen ware items. I  can also give you guidance on how to build a small kiln for wood drying.  I am willing to mentor at my home workshop when it is safe and when the  COVID 19 pandemic is over.


Mike Lanahan

Mike Lanahan

San Jose, CA


I  have been turning for about 10 years, and since I can’t decide what I  want to do when I grow up, I turn a variety of things, from shaving  brushes to a bass drum.  For several years I did the production turning  of prayer wheels for the manufacturer.  Repetitive turning is like  Ground Hog Day, you get to try various ways to make cuts, and then do it  all over again.  Repetition is a great value to refine your turning  skills, speed and efficiency.

My mentoring strengths are an  introduction to safely using the lathe, individual tool use, tool  sharpening, making peppermills, coring with the Oneway system, bowl  turning, applying finish with an airbrush, threading, boxes, vacuum  chucking, shaving and makeup brushes.  I don’t do pens or bottle  stoppers.

With the COVID-19 pandemic  raging, I can assist over Zoom or FaceTime.  For in-person interaction,  since I’m risk averse, there are a few requirements.  Any visitor to my  shop must meet one of the following conditions:

  1. Have received a COVID-19 vaccination and been subsequently tested as immune.

  2. Have verified test results to be free of the active virus, with the test taken within 2 hours of the visit.

  3. Be quarantined for 14 days in a  tent on my front yard prior to admittance.  Bring your own food, tent,  supplies, waste collection and disposal capability.  A hose is available  for water.

  4. For short, 15 minute visits,  N95 face mask, face shield, 6 foot social distance, and preferably being  inside a human hamster ball.  Extended visits of 30 minutes OK if  hamster ball option is used, or until you pass out for lack of oxygen,  whichever comes first.  Mileage may vary.


Bob Bley

Bob Bley

Menlo Park, CA


I  can help with general shop set up, dust collection, natural edge,  hollowing and inlay to name a few. However, it will be virtual for the  near term.