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Mike Lanahan

Mike Lanahan

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Mar 18, 2021

Sawdust Session

  • Robert Mullens showed his Vintage Barnes #3 Treadle lathe (1910 Velocipede).

  • Dennis Lillis shared his Knob with inlays and gluboost finish.

  • Tom Haines talked about the $15 tachometer he made for his lathe.

  • Dave Vannier shared his Binh Pho style embellishment work on a birch hollow form.

  • Jim Gott made a baby rattle out of walnut and cherry. He used techniques he learned from a youtube video by Ashley Harwood.

  • Mike Lanahan described the making of his intertwined donuts.

  • Claude Godcharles has been experimenting with gluing flat boards and using single source of light while turning to get some form of shadow effect (a replacement for strobes?).

  • Bob Bley showed a birch crotch bowl turning he is doing.

  • Mike also showed some videos that Dave, Bob, and Claude shared about their work.

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