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Segmenters #3

Dec 9, 2020

Roman C, Mike L, Dave V, Dennis L, Tom K, Bob G, Barb J

This is the third in a series of meetings planned for people who are interested in doing segmented turnings.

Pieces that inspire you

We’ve all done it, seen a piece that someone else made. Sometimes the next words out of our mouth are “wonder how they did that!”  Other times, “Wow!, that’s cool. “. I’d like us to share those pieces. Either ones you’ve done that were inspired by others, or ones you like and are either thinking about making or wishing you knew how. We should discuss why the piece caught your eye (colors/forms/designs/etc) as well as the hows if we can.

  - Dave Vannier

Here are some related websites that you may be interested in browsing as well.

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