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Mike Lanahan

Surprise at the lathe

Sep 5, 2013

Mike Lanahan

Mike Lanahan

Mike talks about surprise or getting startled while working on the lathe.

This article appeared in our 2013 September issue of Chips & Chatter.


Since Bob had to go all “Safety” on us, a couple practices I use come to mind: Surprises at the Lathe are Generally not Good - It’s real easy to startle me while I’m engaged in a turning at the lathe. To get my attention in a safer manner, my family turns off and on the shop light switch at the shop door. This is enough to get my attention in a controlled way. I suppose facing the door would be good too, but not an option at the moment.

Whenever I lock the spindle (to tighten or remove a chuck, while drilling, or whatever) I turn the speed dial to zero. In the unlikely event that I forget to unlock the spindle, or leave a locking bar or jaw adjustment wrench in the chuck, I won’t accidentally turn the lathe on like this. When I do turn it on, and the speed is set at zero, I double check everything before turning the speed dial up.

- Mike

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