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Ray Hari

To write or not to write

Ray Hari

November 2019

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I’ve been the president of the club for the past year and would like to say that I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. Except for one part. When I was a kid in school, I was diagnosed with a rare form of Writer’s Block. None of the doctors could find a cure for me. No research funding is available to find a cure. Later in life a second debilitating disease called procrastination took hold in my body. Now I am sitting here thinking whether this president or any president so paralyzed with writer’s block and procrastination can long endure. 

 (sorry President Lincoln)

Our club is blessed with three wonderful people. To me they are real heroes. They took on the tasks I would dread taking on myself. I am talking about Bob Gerenser, Greg Peck and Mark Koenig.

From the day I joined the club I have always loved reading our chips and chatter. I have browsed through the old chips and chatter newsletters to read and grasp everything I could about wood turning. There is a treasure trove of information in our newsletters for every new as well as seasoned wood turner.

Bob had been meticulous in taking notes during our demos. He captures every bit of information and detail and supplants the editorials with pictures and creates a wonderful newsletter. When you read those articles, you feel as if you were present during those demos. He was our champion newsletter editor for a long time. I want to thank him for all the efforts he has put in creating those newsletters.

Greg Peck has been a hero for our club for a long time now. He has taken over many tasks including setting up the audio visuals for our meetings and all odds and ends for the proper smooth working of our club. When Bob handed over the newsletter baton, he was there to grab it (no one else extended their hand). As the secretary, our audio-visual guy and as well as a newsletter editor, Greg has a big plateful in his hands. On top of that the waiting he had to do for me to hand him the president’s turn article wasn’t something he anticipated before he took on that task. I applaud Greg for his patience and the effort he puts in the creation of our newsletters.

Mark was instrumental in why I became the president and maybe I could vent my frustration about writing the president’s turn on him. But that would be cruel. Mark was our champion programs director and he has been key in shaping a lot of our club activities. When he volunteered to help with our newsletter it was a big relief. He has been very patient with me (so far) when I procrastinate in giving him the president’s turn article. I want to thank Mark for all the work he does for our club.

A lot goes on in creating a newsletter. Writing articles, formatting, editing, adding pictures, waiting for others to fill in their parts, proof reading etc. it is one of the toughest jobs that goes on in our club month after month.

I feel humbled when I see the efforts put by Bob, Greg and Mark in creating our Chips & chatter and what they do for our club.

A big round of applause for Bob, Greg and Mark.

~ Hari ~

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