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Colin's Corner

Oct 2018

In Praise of Mediocrity

Colin Mackenzie

This article appeared in the 2018 October issue of Chips & Chatter.

I saw this title in a recent New York Times edition and it startled me enough that I just had to read it. The world seems always to be praising this and that person and holding them as beacons to be emulated. We are also at the time of the year when Nobel prizes are being awarded: the world seems little interested in the mediocre. Often it is despised rather than lauded. However: let us face it we are the majority. I read the piece and on reflection I thought it relevant for readers of Chips

Once a month I am a proud member of SVW as I attend meetings and enjoy celebrating the work of our members. When the occasion happens that I take my stand I sometimes wonder why I am there to dis-play my puny efforts. 

It’s my impression that in recent time fewer of our members take the opportunity to participate in the President’s Challenge: I wonder if it is because they share my shame of mediocrity. This is the reason I recommend that you read the article. I wrote to the author for permission to print it in Chips but to date I have had no response. For this reason, the link to the article is printed here so you can enjoy joining me in the praise of mediocrity and also joining me in front of our colleagues sharing our joint mediocrity. Now for me shame is a thing of the past—join the real club along with me.

Colin Mackenzie
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