2021 Pens for the troops

Jerry Galli

Apr 2021

2021 Pens for the troops


For SVW & WBW Club Members

I am planning to kick off the 2021 TURN FOR THE TROOPS activity after the April meeting. If you are willing to take part, PLEASE, send me an email indicating how many pens you will be willing to turn. I have 400 pen kits to send out to anyone who is ready to participate. I have committed to 1,000 pens this year for our service men & woman. I will also supply the pen blanks so there will be NO or very little out-of-pocket cost to our members. Only time to turn them.

If every member would turn only 10 pens, we could EASILY exceed last year's effort by a significant margin. Last Year’s number was 435 pens.

I do not want to see only a few members carry the load - - it should be A TEAM EFFORT!!

Remember, the old Chinese proverb:

"Many hands make light work!!"

I am looking forward to this year's effort. I will help anyone who needs it either by holding hands-on workshop when possible following Covid-19 guidelines or YouTube video.

My goal is to contact AAW and to send them our newsletter with photos and a brief description of the work of our clubs so they can insert it into their newsletter for recognition of our two clubs.

Some of you have asked about providing a small written note of appreciation with each pen. Gordon Patnude has provided a sample of what he puts with the pens he makes. You can download the file from one of the following links (same file in .pdf or .odt format), print it out and add your name on the line at the bottom. (It will print out 4 per sheet)

(for SVW)

SVW Pen thank you note.pdf,

SVW Pen thank you note.odt

(for WBW)

WBW Pen thank you note.pdf,

WBW Pen thank you note.docx

Jerry M. Galli

Email: tiretycoon@sbcglobal.net 

Phone: 650-369-4925

Cell: 650-740-1560


Jerry has generously agreed to assume all shipping costs.  Let's all help to make this endeavor a big success and exceed Jerry's expectations.  - Hari

Jerry Galli
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