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School donation

President's challenge:

School donation

& Show-N-Tell

Jul 8, 2021

The July President's Challenge is School Donation.  Members of SVW who have done school donations in the prior years know  what it means. Others, especially the people who joined recently may not  know.

Here is an explanation of what it is and what is expected.

What it is:

Every  year we conduct our meetings at the Santa Clara High School premises.  The school has been generous to let us use the woodshop and the attached  class room for our monthly meetings. We also keep our lathe and other  club materials at the school. We do not pay rent or a use fee to the  school. In lieu of that we donate wood turnings that are sold during  'the back to school night' in September. It usually happens on the first  week of September. Parents of the students come to the school and go  through presentations by the teachers on what the students will be  learning. They all first come through the Gym where the principal  welcomes them. Different groups have tables setup. And SVW will have a  few tables setup with all our donated turnings for sale to the families.  It will be like a silent auction where they enter their names, phone  numbers and their bid. At the end of the day, the item will be sold to  the highest bidder. The money we collect from the sale will be donated  to the school for the benefit of the woodshop "Construction" class. Last  year due to the pandemic, the school did not have a Back to School  Night. We are hoping that this September they might have one.

What type of turnings should you make for School Donation:

Not  all turnings are good for school donation. Make things that people will  usually buy from a shop. Make things that you typically will give as  Christmas gifts or as a house warming gift for a new home, or something  useful in the kitchen etc. Please take a look at what we had in 2019. We  were able to sell almost all of the items we had displayed on the  tables.