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Mark Dreyer

How to use GluBoost as a finish for pens etc.

Mark Dreyer

Mar 2021

Mark Dreyer 2021-03

Mark Dreyer gave a wonderful demo on how to do a finish on pens using GluBoost. Some of the items he used or discussed include

  • GluBoost filler, GluBoost thin, GluBoost accelerator

  • US Composites Silmar 41 Clear Polyester casting resin

  • Novus 2 Fine scratch remover paste before buffing

  • MasterTint transparent tints for coloring

  • Micromesh sandpapers upto 12000 grit for sanding

  • Steelwool 

  • Delrin bushings on the pen mandrel

You can get GluBoost from or or from other suppliers.

You can also visit Mark's website at

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