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Mike Lanahan

CA repair

Mike Lanahan

Sep 2013

This article appeared in the 2013 September issue of Chips & Chatter.

lanahan 2013-09

Herb reminded me of a couple CA repair tips: One from a visit to Dennis Lillis’ shop, where Dennis discussed what to do if you have a small crack or hole to fill: first hit it with a spot of CA, sand the area while still wet, and the dust fills the crack.  Mike Mahoney gave another one at his BAWA demo to a guy that had numerous small tear out holes in the bottom of an otherwise lovely bowl.  Mike would hit the bottom of the bowl with CA accelerator, then use a fine applicator tip to place small drops of CA in the holes to be filled.  My take on the advantage to the accelerator first is that the CA wont spread beyond the repair area as much, nor soak into the surrounding wood, discoloring it.  This may help avoid the common practice of using a surface finish barrier, like sanding sealer, to mask the CA from discoloring the wood adjacent to the repair, and allow the CA to be sanded off.

Care of Herb Green, Dennis Lillis, Mike Mahoney

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