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Pen turning Project 2018

Pen Turning Project

Sep 12, 2018

Silicon Valley Woodturners had taught the pen turning class to the high school kids of Santa Clara High School for many years. This 2018 project lesson plan was developed for the Santa Clara High School Construction 1 class by Joe Martinka & Gordon Patnude. Joe Martinka, Paul Rygaard, Gordon Patnude and Ray Hari of SVW taught the class to about 130 students taking the Construction 1 class. It is one of the many projects that the kids finished in a semester.  The school has 8 Jet1221vs mini lathes for the students to use and SVW has a powermatic 3520C lathe in the same room for us to do demonstrations to the students. All the materials required for the project were supplied by the Silicon Valley Woodturners and we also volunteered our time. The 130 kids were from 4 sections (roughly 30+ kids in each section). Each section was further divided into groups of 8 and each group rotated every two weeks. The pens you see below are the pens the kids made during the class. You should have seen the excitement and the sense of accomplishment the kids had when they held the pen they made and showed it to all their friends, family and teachers.