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Bob Gerenser

August 16, 2020

The Beads of Courage (BoC) program was developed to support and encourage young patients suffering chronic health conditions. Hospitalized children who undergo numerous and/or repetitive treatments or procedures are given a bead to honor these acts of courage, faith and hope. The beads serve as tangible reminders of fears overcome and hurdles conquered.


Unfortunately, many of these young patients amass a large number of beads. The decorative handmade glass beads, about the size of marbles, have through holes for stringing and many children end up with strings longer than they are tall!

That is where Silicon Valley Woodturners, the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) and many other affiliated clubs come in. We craft turned boxes for the kids to keep their hard won beads in. Members of SVW have for a number of years donated BoC boxes to AAW symposia and to a local participating hospital. We have also encouraged another local AAW chapter club, West Bay Woodturners, to participate in a friendly BoC box turning competition.

The boxes also serve the family of the patients. In a conversation I had with Jean Gribbon, the Executive Director and Founder, she told me how emotionally overwhelmed some parents became when they realized that complete strangers would donate his or her time and talent to lend support to their children. Jean said it brought a moment of hope and relief to these parents, just knowing that people do care.

Bob Gerenser

You can view some of Bob's work in his member gallery.


Making a BOC box

Bob Gerenser & Mike Lanahan



May 2019

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